Ready to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?

There are patterns in human thinking. What if we could use Artificial Intelligence to find out those patterns? This is what we have developed.

Introducing Aimeta. The first AI to model human mind from any source. Text, Speech, Social media accounts, etc.

We make human thinking transparent.

Our company Aimeta ltd.

Aimeta is an analytics tool to model human thinking. Our company was founded in 2015 in Espoo, Finland when two guys sat down and decided to see the future. Our tool Aimeta came to life in 2017.

We are experts in modeling people’s thinking – the question is not what we think but HOW WE THINK. Based on how people think we can predict the future. Want to simulate change?

We use latest technology, our own developed algorithms and latest machine learning tools to provide something truly mind blowing.

We have created Aimeta. Intelligence that will know your mind better than you do.

How on earth can we do this? There are patterns in human thinking and our language reflects those patterns. Language is like a doorway to the human mind. All we need is text or speech to see patterns on how people think.

Interested? We are happy to hear from you. Thank you.

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Aimeta Oy
Päivänkakkarantie 10
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